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Birmingham Training Point

Improving Performance through quality training

Birmingham Training Point LTD in Birmingham, West Midlands can provide you with accredited training courses delivered by qualified, professional trainers. We are a privately-owned training company operating across the West Midlands in the Healthcare, Beauty, Catering, manufacturing and education sectors.

Training courses in Birmingham


We offer blended Learning for our increasing portfolio of courses, Qualified and experienced trainers and assessors are available for half day, full day and hourly to suit your training needs. Training can also be tailored to meet your individual business requirements.


Our mission is to deliver skills and knowledge that significantly increase our course participants’ on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing their contributions to the goals of their organisation.


To provide individuals with new skills and enhance existing skills, contributing to career progression, create new work opportunities and support businesses to grow and develop by providing quality, flexible and affordable training.

We aim for all our learners to develop skills and knowledge that will maintain and develop their competence.

We strive to deliver a variety of quality training, training will always be delivered by competent and qualified trainers, with an aim of interactive, interesting and enjoyable courses.


We will be as flexible as possible when providing training to meet individual and organisational needs, requirements and wishes, providing tailor made training where required. We will do our utmost, where possible to provide training at a time and place suitable to our customers.


We will be approachable and friendly, ensuring learners are at ease and aiming to build a trusting and supporting relationship with all our customers.


We are committed operating at the highest level of honesty with you at all times.



Trust is said to be the firm belief in the reliability, truth and ability of someone.  We believe that building trust paramount to a productive and long-term relationship.  Therefore, we are prepared to take the time to ensure that you have the highest possible confidence in our ability to help and support you in achieving your objectives, goals and aspirations.


We believe in giving due regard for your thoughts, feelings, wishes and rights as we work together, and we are committed to ensuring that this respect is demonstrated in all we do together.



Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.  We believe that it is important to stand up for what one believes and to be an example of good moral principles and values. This means being honest and truthful even when is it not a comfortable position to be in.  

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