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Level 2 Communicating Effectively

Level 2 Communicating Effectively Birmingham

Course Description:

To provide good customer service the learner needs to understand what customers want and how they feel. This means that they need to share information with them and listen carefully to them. Customers need to understand what the learner is telling them and what they are able to do for them. Communication is an essential skill for delivering good customer service. This course will provide learners with the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with customers.

Course outline:

  • Identify the difference between hearing and listening
  • Know how to listen actively
  • Know how to read both positive and negative body language
  • Know how to use body language effectively
  • State how to use questions to check that they understand what customers are telling them
  • Identify the difference between negative and positive language
  • Know how to summarise
  • Know why it is important to speak clearly
  • Know why it is important to use words that the customer will understand
  • Know why the way things are said, and the tone of voice, affects the way a customer experiences customer service
  • Identify what information is helpful to pass on in messages to colleagues so that customers receive good service

Course Duration:

6 hours/ 1 day


The trainer will carry out ongoing assessment. Learners will be expected to participate in class activities, group discussions and question and answers session.


All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.


Training can be delivered at locations to suit customers or at one of our training venues.

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